Friday, April 20, 2007

first SUNSHINE in canada!!

today it finally graced us with its presence... the SUN was out all day today! so bright and beautiful. the air was warm and it just spelled SPRING.... the tulips aren't out yet, or at least i haven't seen them... but i know they are out there. spreading beauty all over mississauga.

but even though it was bright out, i stayed indoors. i had to figure out some stuff on and coordinate stuff between here, manila and california!

oh how i miss california... i know 2 years isn't all that long, but it's home to me. it is. it truly is home. i know how to go grocery shopping there... where to buy what, where to go for the best tacos, where to go for the best wings (hoot hoot!). it feels like you're inside your house. you can get to the bathroom with your eyes shut. or you know where the oatmeal is inside the pantry. you can describe exactly where its sitting with your eyes shut. yeah. that's home.